Not necessarily good, but solvent

Higher education in Australia has become an important industry. But the hunt for tuition fees comes at the expense of quality: Many students speak hardly any English – and still pass their exams.

Room 11 at the Business School of the University of Sydney. A good 150 first-year students are struggling through the trials and tribulations of international monetary policy. The lecture is like a plenary session of the United Nations. About half of the students are from abroad. In the back row, feet comfortably spread across three seats, lounges Kim Chung, a lanky 19-year-old from China who cares much more about his iPad than India’s central bank.

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Social media marketing – an accurate guide

Hardly any marketing discipline has developed as dynamically in recent years as social media marketing. After a few years on the “back burner,” social media have become firmly established in the marketing mix of many companies. Social media is not just another channel for content and advertising, but also a direct line to the company’s own customers.

A social media marketing agency from sydney thrives on the willingness of customers to use the respective channels on an ongoing basis. Various studies show that the use of social media platforms by consumers has not only increased in recent years, but is also spread across several platforms and above all (almost) all age groups. There are now over 38 million people in Australia who regularly use social media. A gigantic figure that illustrates the potential of social media marketing at a single glance!

For companies, social media marketing therefore means above all understanding their own target group. Only in this way can the social media channels relevant to one’s own company be identified and effectively integrated into one’s own communication strategy.

The next step is to generate content specifically tailored to the platform and the target group and to share it on an ongoing basis. Just as different languages are spoken in different countries, social media channels also have their own language! From a company’s point of view, social media marketing is therefore in some respects the art of understanding the respective platforms in detail, playing them with content and thus reaching one’s own target group in the long term.

What is social media marketing?
Social media marketing can be seen as a subarea of online marketing. Social media channels – such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Twitter – are used to produce content for the company’s own target group. Companies that engage in social media marketing publish content on the platforms, respond to user comments, answer direct inquiries, process feedback and complaints, and of course interact with the users of the platform themselves. In the process, new customers, leads and collaborations are generated. In addition, customer satisfaction is often sustainably improved by direct contact.

“Good” social media marketing thrives on creative content that effectively conveys the added value of one’s own solution(s) to the desired target group. On the one hand, the content design of the content plays a key role. On the other hand, the content must be prepared graphically in such a way that it fits both the user behavior on the respective channel and the target group itself. If a company manages to combine these factors, its own content is more likely to be heard by the target group.

Social media marketing – a definition
It is difficult to find a fixed definition for social media marketing simply because the dynamics surrounding this topic are constantly evolving. Whereas social media were initially still a marginal phenomenon in marketing – labeled by many merely as a “trend” – they have developed into an integral part of modern marketing.

In this sense, social media marketing is a way for companies to get in touch with existing and potential customers using the most popular social media. In doing so, social media gives the company the opportunity to publish ongoing content and communicate with the users of the platform(s) in this way.

In addition to sales promotion, social media can also be used by companies to expand their own reach, develop new target groups and increase the brand loyalty of existing customers. Furthermore, social media can be used to respond more quickly to complaints and to turn feedback from social media into product innovations.

User figures for the most important social media marketing platforms in Australia
The number of users of social media in Australiahas risen constantly in recent years. Particularly with new social media channels such as TikTok, it also happens time and again that the user numbers literally increase almost “explosively”. As a company, you should never underestimate these times and platforms! Depending on the target group you want to address, you could have the opportunity to build up a large community on such new channels at an early stage.

Facebook alone now has over 32 million active users per month in Australia. Instagram also has over 25 million monthly active users. YouTube has over 28 million daily users. And even the fairly “new” platform TikTok shines with over 5 million active users per month. And the trend is rising! LinkedIn is also relevant, especially in the B2B context. Here, too, there are now over 14 million users from Australia.

Social ads – no successful social media marketing without advertising!
An important – and often underestimated – part of a successful social media marketing strategy is advertising. Without “social ads” nowadays it is hardly possible to achieve the reach that you would actually like to have with your company! Organic reach has been severely restricted by the platforms themselves in some cases over the last few years. In addition, social ads are a perfect means of reaching target groups in a targeted manner, with a clear limitation. Spreading losses can be reduced here – compared to many classic advertising media – by a multiple!

This means that algorithms work completely differently today – and in the future – than they did just a few years ago! Especially as a company, it is difficult to build up a critical reach without ads.

Even if it may seem almost “unfair” at first glance that more free reach was distributed in the past than nowadays – Facebook and Co. will not change this state of affairs. On the contrary: the reach will probably be further reduced in the coming months.

With social ads, therefore, it is not only important for companies to reach new target groups and bring potentially new customers into their own “cosmos”. Existing target groups should also always be penetrated with an existing budget. This is the only way to increase the touchpoints with one’s own company and to increase brand loyalty.

Why bother with social media marketing at all?
The search and buying behavior of consumers has changed permanently in recent years. As a company, it is important to constantly adapt to these changes. Internally, the necessary steps must be taken to keep up with these developments and thus maintain the privilege of communicating with the (potential) customers of one’s own company as directly and straightforwardly as possible. The topic of social media marketing should, as of today, always be an important part of these considerations!

This is inevitably related to the fact that social media now have a permanent place in our everyday lives. Communicate briefly with friends and family on Facebook. On Instagram, quickly uploading a picture. Searching for new recipes on Pinterest. Pass the time during lunch break with TikTok.

Searching LinkedIn for articles worth reading regarding an internal company problem. All of these exemplary activities within social media are not rare, but an absolutely integral part of our everyday lives. More and more people are spending more and more time per day on social media!

Companies that fail to recognize this development risk disappearing completely from the scene in the medium to long term. Because if you as a company do not manage to position yourself where people today get their information and solutions to a problem, then it is obvious that accordingly people will increasingly choose your own competitors – as long as they are present on social media!

The sellout of the fifth continent

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane – Australia’s major cities are among the most sought-after places to live in the world. Not only for locals. Immigrants, foreign investors and business people are also increasingly investing their money in Australian real estate.

Some because of the lifestyle, others because of the low mortgage rates. As a result, house prices in Australia’s metropolises have not risen, they have exploded. Anyone who wants to buy a home in Sydney has to fork out an average of one million Australian dollars, the equivalent of 680,000 euros.

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Trucking in Australia: Searching for the Myth

There are many adventure stories about roadtrains and “truckies”. Author Reiner Rosenfeld wanted to know what everyday life is like for Australian drivers.

Australia’s outback: It consists of endless steppes, deserts and dry riverbeds. It begins where civilization ends and only occasional farm fences border barren pastureland. Three quarters of the huge Australian continent belong to it, and yet only fifteen percent of the population lives here. 7,000 kilometers of road lie ahead of me, across the outback, on my search for the myth of the Roadtrain, the legendary Australian trucks weighing up to two hundred tons and sixty meters long, and their drivers.

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These countries have the highest number of divorces

Till death do us part? No way, in these ten countries people go before the divorce judge particularly often.

A wedding like this needs to be well thought out – after all, you only get married once in a lifetime. Do you? Nowadays, this is no longer the case, and in these ten countries, people get divorced particularly often.

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