These countries have the highest number of divorces

Till death do us part? No way, in these ten countries people go before the divorce judge particularly often.

A wedding like this needs to be well thought out – after all, you only get married once in a lifetime. Do you? Nowadays, this is no longer the case, and in these ten countries, people get divorced particularly often.

  1. Luxembourg
    Whoever walks down the aisle in Luxembourg must set aside money for a divorce lawyer in addition to the wedding budget, because an unbelievable 87% of marriages there are divorced again.
  2. Spain
    Even the hot-blooded Spaniards probably don’t last long with one and the same partner, here 65% of the marriages are divorced.
  3. France
    Paris, the city of love – and of divorces. 55% of married couples in France decide to separate again over the years.
  4. Russia
    In Russia, too, more than half of the marriages are divorced again, 51 % in total.
  5. USA
    From the USA comes the trend of the divorce parties. There “only” 46 % of the marriages are divorced.
  6. Germany
    Our German friends show already once much more staying power than the Luxemburger, the majority of the closed marriages holds. Nevertheless, 44% are divorced.
  7. United kingdom
    With 42 % of divorced marriages, the English rank in the middle.
  8. New Zealand
    New Zealanders certainly do their best when it comes to marriage, but 42% of them do not last a lifetime.
  9. Australians
    The Australians are a little ahead of the New Zealanders, with only 38% of marriages going before a divorce judge. Good divorce lawyers sydney you can find here.
  10. Canada
    Canadians are not only considered more peaceful than Americans, they also seem to have more luck in marriage, as the majority of Canadians remain married to their spouse for life. However, 38% still have to realize that it may be better to separate.

And what is the country with the fewest divorces? India is the clear leader, with only one percent of marriages ending in divorce. Are Indians that happy in love? Well, this low divorce rate is probably due less to great happiness in love than to cultural circumstances.